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We have looked at ways to step lightly on this earth adding technology so our villas have a low environmental impact.

Our villas are classified Class A for energy efficiency, using highly efficient building materials. Photovoltaic panels capture the sun’s rays to supplement our clean energy consumption. Any extra we need comes from certifiable renewable sources. We do not use gas. Insulation is key in making the villas energy efficient combined with ‘inverter’ technology for the heating and cooling, regulating the temperature of the villas so helping cut consumption. We have an electric car charger on site for our guests to use.

Old bricks and stone from the original rustico ‘farmhouse’ have been reused in the new build. Wooden beams have been given a new lease of life as tables and benches and old doors turned into stunning bedroom mirrors. Re-landscaping the site we were able to provide 30 mature olive trees a new home.

Where possible we have sourced everything locally.
In Italy artisan traditions are very much and alive and kicking, preserving amazing craftmasnship across many industries.
Commissioning wrought iron makers, carpenters, terracotta potters and traditional brick layers from the neighbourhood has been our aim.
Traditional products include the locally produced Graniglia (terrazzo) and local stone Pietra Serena.

In our own market garden we grow a variety of vegetables and fruits, native to Tuscany, so that guests can enjoy the freshest seasonal ingredients in our restaurant, harvested that morning. Our breakfast breads are from the bakery in the village and our supplies comes from small family run farms in the area, delivering locally so reducing our carbon emissions.